CCF Pavilion

Critical Communications Finland

Critical Communications Finland (CCF) hosts Finnish authorities and the national public safety operator VIRVE who are prepared to share their practical experience on how national, regional, local operations and incidents are successfully taken care of.

CCF is user and solution driven co-ordination entity for building trust resulting success in co-operation. CCF was initiated by the national public safety network operator State Security Networks Group together with local industry to foster national and international co-operation cross governmental and non-governmental stakeholders in critical communications.

In CCE-BAPCO CCF will present how stakeholders use narrow and broadband critical communications solutions and co-operate, what are the requirements for supporting solutions and what is the way forward. The authorities are supported by Finnish technology providers with their solutions and experience. Remember to ask them how these solutions have been implemented and used - you will be amazed.


Beaconsim is the global leader in simulation of critical communications whatever technology: LTE, TETRA, DMR, P25. With simulators you can form a virtual communication environment where it is safe to plan, test and learn – even before the real network is up and running.

Beaconsim ONE self-learning and TEAM virtual classrooms shift focus from training to learning.  Simulator exercises and direct feedback teach the correct communication procedures and operations so that the user are ready for the real life situations. The training benefits are clear not only for new users, but also when radio functions or SOP’s change.

Beaconsim TEAM forms a state-of-the-art simulation system together with Virtual Reality software such as XVR or Bohemia. Combined, VR and Beaconsim make learning possible through scenario-based training. This helps training of all levels of command (Gold/Silver/Bronze).

Beaconsim PLAN helps you to design and test your fleetmaps as well as terminal and network settings. You can pilot the changes with real users before the expensive and time-consuming re-parametrizations of the radios. PLAN saves time and supports change management as the services of the radio network can be introduced to all user organizations on time ensuring end-user acceptance.

Beaconsim LAB virtual testbed brings radio network testing to your office. It offers various API and PEI interfaces. Simulator testing reduces travelling time/cost as well as testing fees.

Our solutions have been delivered to customers in 28 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.


Finland-based Cloudstreet is a US & EU patented Network Slicing innovator dedicated to revolutionizing the mobile experience, ensuring flawless network performance for life- and mission critical applications, empowering user choice and driving new MNO revenues. Leveraging the power of Software Defined Network Function Virtualization (SDN/NFV), Cloudstreet provides the world’s first in-market, carrier-grade Network Slicing Platform. Tailoring Quality-of-Experience to user demand and context, Cloudstreet delivers application-aware slices for any use case with SLA-assured performance for capacity, latency and throughput. Awarded the EC’s Horizon 2020 grant and Best Connectivity Solution (WCA16), Cloudstreet’s cost-reducing, revenue-generating platform is deployable in today’s 4G networks for any 5G-envisioned network slicing use cases.

Cloudstreet & Public Safety

When it comes to ensuring life and public safety-critical connectivity, Cloudstreet’s ability to deliver elastic, assured mobile connectivity through dynamic network slicing is essential to this mandate and stands at the very cutting edge of the industry. 

Working with the US Department of Commerce's PSCR (Public Safety Communications Research), Cloudstreet has achieved a telecommunications technology first for immediate application in world- wide public safety communications broadband systems, including FirstNet, the US federal emergency responder network. Leveraging the power of Cloudstreet's patented Dynamic Profile Controller™ DPC™, FirstNet and Cloudstreet have successfully demonstrated the ability to enable user devices to make machine or manual requests for a dynamic profile changes (on-the-fly) in a standard 4G LTE Network.

Overcoming the challenges of limited bandwidth for critical communications, and the high costs and constraints of dedicated network (TETRA etc.0) Cloudstreet ensures the ability to guarantee connection quality and speed, thus delivering on a critical part of the global public safety and security mandate. Along with strengthening the core telecom infrastructure that supports an array of vital services, this network-wide enhancement will serve to help balance available bandwidth for all at a fraction of the price of dedicated network infrastructure.


We make sure your information stays safe and available for mission critical use

Digia is a trusted partner with a successful history of providing mission critical software and integration solutions in the public safety sector. Digia has a strong experience of providing IT solutions in high security domains. Digia has for example build different types of situational awareness systems for Finnish Defense Forces, National emergency supply agency, health care and teleoperators during past 15 years.

Some highlights of our public safety related offering:

Digia Salpa is a mobile application for secured multichannel communication in confidential security level. It is proven that this application is secure against any hacking attempting, even when the source code is given to the hackers.

Digia Linja is a unique secure gateway solution that makes possible to share information between different high security level networks, either one way or two ways, for example, from secret network to confidential and/or vice versa.

112-mobile platform. The main benefit of the 112-mobile platform is that it speeds up the provision of assistance in an emergency and provides value-added services for the citizens.

Digia Iiris is a solution for ICT-service management and situational awareness of organisation. With Iiris it is possible to get a quick overview about the situation of the organisation. You can have a real-time snapshot of the final service and use operational analytics and tools to ensure the service level.


Elektro-Arola Oy develops and manufactures alert and communication systems for professional use.

Established in 1974, we have a long experience in supplying high quality customer solutions.

Our primary customer segments are different blue light & public safety organization, utilities and the large-scale industry.

Our main product groups are:
-          Multi-channel alerting systems
-          Status, AVL and navigation solutions
-          RoIP radio systems
-          Electronic siren / public address systems for vehicles and civil defence

Elektro-Arola Oy is located in Turenki, southern Finland.


State Security Networks Group Finland secures the critical leadership and information society services in all circumstances. We provide secure and reliable ICT services for public authorities and other critical operators of national security. We develop overall security and safety in society, and out operations affect nearly everyone in Finland. State Security Networks Group is a fully state-owned actor.


We create the technology to connect the world.

Powered by the research and innovation of Nokia Bell Labs, we serve communications service providers, governments, large enterprises and consumers, with the industry’s most complete, end-to-end portfolio of products, services and licensing.

We adhere to the highest ethical business standards as we create technology with social purpose, quality and integrity. Nokia is enabling the infrastructure for 5G and the Internet of Things to transform the human experience.

With more than 115 public safety customers around the world, we are designing, building and optimizing broadband mission-critical communications solutions, which improve the way first responders operates and meet the most stringent security and reliability needs.


Roger™-GPS is a manufacturer of GPS and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) indoor coverage solutions. Our solutions allow GPS / GNSS-enabled devices to be used in places where it was previously impossible. Roger™-GPS customers include a wide range of users who need indoor GPS / GNSS signal reception or time synchronization.

Roger™-GPS manufacture satellite signal repeaters, amplifiers and splitters in Finland and represent RF over Fiber Optics (RFoF) solutions in EU and in MEA. Roger™-GPS products are used in all continents through our worldwide distribution network.


Savox Communications is a global provider of communication solutions for safety and security, defense and industrial markets. The core mission of the company has remained the same throughout the years: to save lives by providing the best communication solutions for professional working in demanding environments. Savox has built its expertise and knowledge around the requirements of these professionals working in harsh and hazardous environments, intrinsically safe products being of the specialties of the company. The products are development around the end user needs, always aiming for the innovative and end-user driven solution.


Mission-Critical Computers for Demanding Duties
Core-focus on Demanding Duties, understanding of challenges in Tough-environments have brought us skills of prime expertness in Design and Supply Trusted ICT-Technologies.

Designed to work on toughest duties
Industry appreciates high utilization for achieving a strong economy and rather priorities tough and reliable technologies.

Sunit Computer Technology is from Top-of-the-World, Finland. Our products are well known to be reliable in the toughest working environments.

Core-focus on Client Entrepreneur
We demand ourselves deep knowledge of the Clients entrepreneur and we strive to bring him the long-range Computer technology with retained value. Every Duty is unique thus we serve with Client-adapted products. Wide range of features and powerful capacity with compact design are well-known characters of our technology.

Open Architect Computing – Edge on IoT
It is important that computer technology enables changes and updates in Long-term.

Open Architecture Computer (OAC) -technology make sure that all Applications are optimally powered and the Life-time of Information system is entitled.

An open Architects makes both maintenance and service, development and deployment easier, and thereby the modernizing-cost of ICT-System is reduced.

Environment; Value to be Aware thru Long-Life Service
The environment is significant aspect on Industry world and calls for contributes toward better environment by value added technologies.

The Electronic industry itself impacts Environment severely and Sunit realize that best contribute is to supply products for extremely long In-service time.

Uncompromising submission to industry standards
The Industry we serve conducts care. It is People, Goods & Dangerous goods, Traffic & Working safety. It is our Climate. Our Products are covered by Industry Standard, UNECE-Regulations, Environmental Standards and are Certified.