Beaconsim is the global leader in simulation of critical communications whatever technology: LTE, TETRA, DMR, P25. With simulators you can form a virtual communication environment where it is safe to plan, test and learn – even before the real network is up and running.

Beaconsim ONE self-learning and TEAM virtual classrooms shift focus from training to learning.  Simulator exercises and direct feedback teach the correct communication procedures and operations so that the user are ready for the real life situations. The training benefits are clear not only for new users, but also when radio functions or SOP’s change.

Beaconsim TEAM forms a state-of-the-art simulation system together with Virtual Reality software such as XVR or Bohemia. Combined, VR and Beaconsim make learning possible through scenario-based training. This helps training of all levels of command (Gold/Silver/Bronze).

Beaconsim PLAN helps you to design and test your fleetmaps as well as terminal and network settings. You can pilot the changes with real users before the expensive and time-consuming re-parametrizations of the radios. PLAN saves time and supports change management as the services of the radio network can be introduced to all user organizations on time ensuring end-user acceptance.

Beaconsim LAB virtual testbed brings radio network testing to your office. It offers various API and PEI interfaces. Simulator testing reduces travelling time/cost as well as testing fees.

Our solutions have been delivered to customers in 28 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Stand number: C1 & C2