Finland-based Cloudstreet is a US & EU patented Network Slicing innovator dedicated to revolutionizing the mobile experience, ensuring flawless network performance for life- and mission critical applications, empowering user choice and driving new MNO revenues. Leveraging the power of Software Defined Network Function Virtualization (SDN/NFV), Cloudstreet provides the world’s first in-market, carrier-grade Network Slicing Platform. Tailoring Quality-of-Experience to user demand and context, Cloudstreet delivers application-aware slices for any use case with SLA-assured performance for capacity, latency and throughput. Awarded the EC’s Horizon 2020 grant and Best Connectivity Solution (WCA16), Cloudstreet’s cost-reducing, revenue-generating platform is deployable in today’s 4G networks for any 5G-envisioned network slicing use cases.

Cloudstreet & Public Safety

When it comes to ensuring life and public safety-critical connectivity, Cloudstreet’s ability to deliver elastic, assured mobile connectivity through dynamic network slicing is essential to this mandate and stands at the very cutting edge of the industry. 

Working with the US Department of Commerce's PSCR (Public Safety Communications Research), Cloudstreet has achieved a telecommunications technology first for immediate application in world- wide public safety communications broadband systems, including FirstNet, the US federal emergency responder network. Leveraging the power of Cloudstreet's patented Dynamic Profile Controller™ DPC™, FirstNet and Cloudstreet have successfully demonstrated the ability to enable user devices to make machine or manual requests for a dynamic profile changes (on-the-fly) in a standard 4G LTE Network.

Overcoming the challenges of limited bandwidth for critical communications, and the high costs and constraints of dedicated network (TETRA etc.0) Cloudstreet ensures the ability to guarantee connection quality and speed, thus delivering on a critical part of the global public safety and security mandate. Along with strengthening the core telecom infrastructure that supports an array of vital services, this network-wide enhancement will serve to help balance available bandwidth for all at a fraction of the price of dedicated network infrastructure. For more information visit us online at

Stand number: C1 & C2