Microlab (https://microlabtech.com/) a division of Wireless Telecom Group is celebrating 70 years of success.  Microlab is a leader in passive low PIM (passive intermodulation) RF and microwave products.  Passive RF devices enable signal distribution, deployment of in-building DAS (distributed antenna systems), wireless base stations, and small cell networks.  These high-performance passive components:  power combiners, directional couplers, attenuators, terminators and filters were developed for broadband applications to support cellular telephone and public safety networks, GPS reference signaling, television and radio transmitters, and aircraft landing systems. The active solutions line from Microlab includes their NEW Public Safety SmartCoupler (https://microlabtech.com/active-solution/smartcoupler.html) and GPS signal repeaters for cellular network timing synchronization.

Stand number: A24