ADVERTORIAL - Audax: leaders of Body Worn Video technology


Audax has been announced as a Silver Sponsor at BAPCO 2020. In this article, the company discusses the technology it will be showcasing at the event, as well as its product usability and industry pedigree.

Audax first started with body worn video (BWV) product demonstrations in July 2005 at a G8 Summit. It then led the world in 2006, with a joint project with Devon & Cornwall Police and the UK Home Office. This led to production of the first ever standards and guidance document for BWV.

This mass trial of 200 Audax cameras produced some enlightening results. Several studies since have also been conducted on the impact of body-worn video equipment, which have found considerable potential benefits to their use.

Body worn video provides compelling video and audio that is fully admissible and increasingly used as vital evidence in court. Body worn video is now critical for reducing threats, violence and complaints against safety professionals and other BWV users. It also improves policy and transparency in terms of relationships with the public, while also reducing offender complaints and speeding up the administration of justice.

What sets Audax apart is a high-level understanding of the market, as well as of the needs of users, and legislation surrounding the technology. We regularly see companies that we believe have brought products to market without properly understanding these needs and drivers or indeed the legislation and landscape for their use.

Manufacturers have a duty to aid customers in their compliance with the law, and it is with this depth of understanding we create and develop suitable products. This is why, as an example, the Audax camera range is bold, yellow and highly visible. Not only does it clearly show that it is a camera, but also acts as a visible deterrent. This is not going to be achieved by it looking to the untrained eye simply like another piece of equipment.

What’s more, the Audax team is predominantly composed of service veterans, former police officers and security professionals. This has meant that we would never manufacture or supply a system that we wouldn’t have been happy with if we were still doing the job. We have been there!

There is no point in deploying cameras if it doesn’t improve productivity, or even worse increases the workload on staff. Users require secure, robust and simple back office procedures, and digital evidence management software (DEMS). With that in mind, Audax provides secure, feature-rich back office software, with no annual licence fee commitment. We believe that this is a complete step-change in the market, completely removing customer concern, with no add-ons.

Usability factor

BWV cameras are a specialised tool to ‘capture’ evidence in a secure manner. As well as being technologically cutting-edge and robust however, they also need to be highly useable by those on the frontline. We believe that it is this usability factor which makes Audax the number one choice in the realm of this technology.

For example, Audax cameras possess multi-hour batteries, and are eminently usable while wearing gloves. At the same time, our cameras boast no more than a three- or four-hour recharge time, enabling them to be used as a ‘pool’ resource.

There is little point in having a 12-hour recording life coupled with an eight-hour recharge time, as cameras with this spec can only be used once every 24 hours in normal shift patterns. Due to GDPR and privacy it is against the law to be recording all the time anyway.

‘Pooling’ cameras also cuts down on the expenditure of providing a single unit for each officer and is even more viable with automated ‘camera to officer’ assignment.

Live Streaming Video

For a number of years Audax cameras have offered live streaming without a tethered connection to a mobile phone. We were the first UK security company to be funded by the EU for the development of this technology in a BWV. And again, everything from storage of the video to the live video stream itself is AES 256 encrypted for security and for video quality. We also use H265 compression technology, as well as EIS which is an electronic anti-shake feature to ‘iron out’ video judder resulting from camera movement.

BWV benchmark

We believe that Audax cameras are the BWV benchmark. They are feature-rich and designed to meet the British Standard 8593:2017. They are also designed to be in full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).They feature high security, AES 256 encryption, as well as GPS mapping, and lone worker safety features. They are rugged and lightweight.

Our cameras contain an enhanced staff ‘safety blanket’ alarm feature, possessing capability for remote access, remote memory wipe and even a ‘man down’ function. System usability is automated, with camera to officer assignment, group settings and camera management all from a central source. These are all time and labour-saving innovations.

Contactless charging and video download reduce component wear, meanwhile. This also ensures product survivability in often harsh environments. All these innovations set us apart.

Visit our stand number F1 at BAPCO 2020, where our experts will enthusiastically demonstrate to you why so many global customers choose Audax.

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