APD develops Next Gen 999 streaming solution


APD has launched Stream, a software product enabling control room staff to view livestreamed material submitted by the public during an incident.

According to the company, the solution works through the use of a URL, sent to the caller after they make initial contact. Clicking on the link enables the member of the public to transmit the footage to the control room in real time.  

Stream also includes what APD calls a “pioneering voice and text language translation function,” as well as a private chat facility for those unable, or too frightened, to speak.

Speaking of the technology, a spokesperson said: “[The product] gives the control room operator eyes on the ground at the caller’s location, enabling them to assess any situation, and make fully informed dispatch decisions.

“Information can be shared with multiple agencies and can also benefit other organisations outside of the emergency services. [This could include] during home visits by housing association workers, triage calls for hospital or GP appointments, as well as security/stewarding at events.”

Managing director of APD Communications, Mike Isherwood, said: “Stream has the potential to help the public engage with many different organisations, businesses and sectors to overcome the need for some home visits.

“We understand the extreme challenges that operators face when deploying resources, and Stream can play a vital role in informing them to make the right dispatch decisions faster than ever before."

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