Ian Thompson: an important message from the president of BAPCO


BAPCO CEO Ian Thompson has tragically passed away.

Speaking in tribute of Ian, BAPCO president John Anthony said: "It is with the deepest regret that I have to inform you of the death of our Chief Executive Officer Ian Thompson. Ian died suddenly at home on Monday 16th November.

"Further information will be made available in forthcoming newsletters, but in the meantime, I am sure that you will join me in sending sincere condolences and best wishes to Amanda, Jason and Adam.

"While this sad news leaves a huge gap both in the association and in our hearts my fellow directors and myself are determined that we will continue to build on the fantastic legacy that Ian has built over the past four years.

"We have set up a condolences page for any messages or photos. Registration is required but this information will not be used or shared."  

To leave a message on the condolences page, visit: https://ianthompson.muchloved.com/