NENA applauds NG911 vote


The US House of Representatives has voted to create a new $12 billion federal grant program to upgrade the country’s 911 centers, in preparation for 'Next Generation' call centre technology.

NENA president Gary Bell
NENA president Gary Bell
According to a statement released by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), the grant programme was included in HR2 (the ‘Moving Forward Act’), which is a package of federal transportation and infrastructure bills. If enacted, the programme is intended to help US emergency services accelerate the deployment of Next Gen 911.

Speaking of the vote, NENA president Gary Bell said: “Funding NG911 is one of those special opportunities to come together, support a top public safety priority, and deliver life-saving benefits to every American. We thank House leadership for their dedication to improving 911, and we are encouraged by the growing bipartisan commitment to NG911.”

As discussed at the two most recent BAPCO events in Newcastle and Coventry, NG911/999 will enable callers to use data-based services to contact the emergency services, rather than just voice. This could include text messages, photo messages, and videos. 

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