Rapid SOS announces Silver Sponsorship of BAPCO 2020


RapidSOS has revealed that it will be a Silver Sponsor of this year’s annual BAPCO Conference & Exhibition taking place in Coventry in March.

Rapid SOS describes itself as an “advanced emergency technology company that brings accurate caller location and additional data to 999/112/911 and first responders.” It does this through the provision of a direct data pipeline, via what it calls the RapidSOS Clearinghouse.
Discussing the latter, a spokesperson for the company said: “[The Clearinghouse] is a compliant location information server and additional data repository. It is accessible to authorised PSAPs through integrations into all major call-taking equipment, mapping software and CAD products.
“The RapidSOS Clearinghouse is the trusted source for device location and additional data from user profiles - for instance MedicAlert -, apps such as Uber, as well as wearables, connected cars, connected buildings and security systems.”
The company’s director of global expansion Jessica Reed said: “Over the past year, thousands of emergency communications centers [in the US] have begun to take advantage of more accurate caller location and additional data during 9-1-1 calls. By receiving real-time information from connected devices and medical databases, they have the opportunity to provide data-driven, personalised emergency response.
“RapidSOS' session at BAPCO will share how global public safety leaders are approaching life-saving data sources beyond caller location. [It will also demonstrate] how ECC managers, supervisors and telecommunicators can utilise data from sources such as Apple, Google, Uber, and MedicAlert to enhance emergency response.”

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