Critical Communications Finland hosts Finnish authorities and the national public safety operator VIRVE who are prepared to share their practical experience on how national, regional, local operations and incidents are succesfully taken care of.

The authorities are supported by Finnish technology providers with their solutions and experience. Remember to ask them how these solutions have been implemented and used - you will be amazed.

Critical Communication Finland (CCF) is user and solution driven co-ordination entity for building trust resulting success in co-operation.  CCF was initiated by the national public safety network operator State Security Networks Group together with local industry to foster national and international co-operation cross governmental and non-governmental stakeholders in critical communications. In CCE-BAPCO CCF will present how stakeholders use narrow and broadband critical communications solutions and co-operate, what are the requirements for supporting solutions and what is the way forward.

The Critical Communications Finland Pavilion will house the following companies:

Beaconsim -

Cloudstreet -

Digia -

Elektro-Arola -

Finnish State Security Networks / Erillisverkot -

Nokia -

Roger -

Savox -

Sunit -

Authority PODs

State Security Networks (Erillisverkot)
Finnish critical users