The BAPCO Annual Conference & Exhibition is a crucial event for everyone that is involved in critical communications and public safety solutions.

Alongside a plethora of the latest technology and solutions from top suppliers and expert led conference sessions on the latest topics, BAPCO 2020 will have more interactive features than ever before for you to enjoy.

The event will provide a forum for professionals in the field of public safety technology, to exchange information, ideas and experiences.

Attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate with emergency and non-emergency public safety services, suppliers, technologists and related government offices both within the UK and other EU member states to influence the future development of public safety communications.

The BAPCO event continues to be a platform to discuss public safety communications and provide a supportive network for the transfer of knowledge in the public safety/civil contingencies services

Opening Times:

Tuesday 10th March  09:00 - 16:30
Wednesday 11th March 09:00 - 16:00


BAPCO conference preview: The hard work is just beginning…

Ahead of his presentation at BAPCO 2020, Microsoft UK police lead Jimmy Cockerton talks to Philip Mason about the fundamental changes which he believes public safety organisations need to make in the design and governance of cutting-edge technology projects.

BAPCO is an excellent opportunity to see new technologies and examine how our industry could apply them. Also excellent for networking opportunities.

Mark Kitchen, ESMCP Programme Manager, City of London Police

BAPCO is a great opportunity to engage with suppliers and discuss their future roadmaps. Can get lots of information under one roof.

Vicci Naylor, Project Support Officer, North West Fire

BAPCO is a must attend destination to get a pulse on what’s happening in Europe, you have to be at the show in order to go face to face with people, the serendipitous conversation is priceless.

Ken Rehbehn, Principal Analyst, Critical Communications Insights

There are developments all over the world and we need to learn from each other, and this is exactly what we are doing here at BAPCO.

Jeppe Jepsen, Spectrum Director, TCCA

A lot of the conference sessions are really forward-looking, to understanding where people are looking to innovate, where they are trying to take organisations, where they are trying to take the industry, and there has been some fantastic sessions today.

Duncan Swan, Director, Mason Advisory

It brings together a group of suppliers, users and interested parties unlike any other event - it's essential!

ESN Business Change, Metropolitan Police Service